Sunday, May 7, 2017

Comparing QuickBooks Online vs Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise

If you are looking for a bookkeeping solution for your business that allows you to remotely access your bookkeeping files from any location, you have probably come across QuickBooks Online and hosted QuickBooks as two possible solutions and are wondering which option is best for you.

While the two options have many similarities, hosted QuickBooks has all the same benefits of QuickBooks Online as well as several additional key features not found in the online program.

Use QuickBooks Enterprise Anywhere with Multi-User Remote Access

Hosted QuickBooks, like QuickBooks Online, allows you secure access your company’s financial data from any location with an Internet connection. You can work on your bookkeeping while enjoying a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, at home, or while you are on the road for a business meeting. Because you can access you QuickBooks files anywhere, you never have to worry about not being able to invoice a customer or not being able to update your data because you are away from the office.

Unlike online bookkeeping options, hosted QuickBooks allows you to grant multiple users, such as employees, bookkeepers, accountants, and controllers, simultaneous remote access to your QuickBooks files. This also allows for easy inventory and tax tracking if you have multiple stores or business locations, regardless of their jurisdictions.

Never Lose QuickBooks Files with Automatic Backups

The security of your bookkeeping and financial data is incredibly important which is why automatic data backups are essential. Many online bookkeeping and hosted QuickBooks options offer automatic data backups.

At Turn Key Office, backups of hosted QuickBooks files are done automatically and data is stored in three secure locations, the Turn Key Office server and two off site locations, which mean you will never have to worry about losing important financial information. In addition to your files being hosted on our secure servers, a real-time encrypted backup is run nightly and an alternate backup file is locked in a secure bank safe-deposit box monthly.

Reliable Access to Your QuickBooks Enterprise Files

QuickBooks Online and hosted QuickBooks both allow for remote access to your bookkeeping files but with QuickBooks Online, your files become inaccessible if the Intuit server goes down, which it did on March 22-23, 2011 and again on March 25, 2011. During that time, QuickBooks Online users could not access their files regardless of location.

To ensure your hosted QuickBooks files are reliably accessible, Turn Key Office uses multiple power sources, Internet access, physical locations and hard drives to eliminate single points of failure.

Switching to Remote Access QuickBooks Is Easy Using Hosted QuickBooks

If you are exploring remote access QuickBooks options you may already be using a bookkeeping system that contains important files. When you have existing files, switching to a new QuickBooks system needs to be simple. However, moving your files to QuickBooks Online requires a conversion and even with a conversion, not all of your data can be transferred.

Hosted QuickBooks makes transferring existing files from your computer to the hosted server, and vice versa, easy. This is because the QuickBooks software on our hosted servers is exactly the same as the desktop version of QuickBooks.

If you use different bookkeeping software, such as PeachTree, converting your data to a compatible version is simple with our team of expert bookkeepers.

Don’t Give Up Powerful QuickBooks Features for Accessibility

If you are familiar with QuickBooks and decide to use QuickBooks Online, you may find some of the features from the desktop version of QuickBooks are not available in the online version. In addition to the limited features, QuickBooks Online also has a new user interface which takes some time to learn. But, if you choose to go with the hosted QuickBooks option to remotely access your files, you will have exactly the same familiar features and user interface as the desktop version of QuickBooks.

Hosted QuickBooks allows you to remotely access your bookkeeping files while continuing to work with the powerful, full-featured version of QuickBooks so you never have to compromise between accessibility and functionality

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