Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Security of Your Financial Data is a Top Priority

Our QuickBooks hosted architecture incorporates multiple layers of security to ensure your financial data remains private and secure. Our security measures are highlighted below:

Physical Access

Only physical console access can grant folder level permissions for the folders containing your QuickBooks file. For added security, there is no remote management access of our file server whatsoever. Only a few trusted company representatives have physical access to the file server.

Remote Access

Remote access is performed by a separate stand alone Terminal Server running the latest and most secure operating system commercially available, currently Windows Server 2008 R2. Remote Desktop access is hosted from a non-published public IP address which is only given to clients under contract. After successful authentication, a user is granted access to our domain.

Server Access

Secure login names and strong passwords are given to access the network on a per client/per user basis. Strong group policies dictate user permissions for the network.

Generic Folder Names

Client names are obscured on the network from browsing functions by non-distinguishable Client Numbers. ONLY Clients who have been given explicit permission to access their company’s files are given folder-level access to browse the contents of their folder or open files; and each user is given unique login names and passwords. Passwords are set by the network administrator and cannot be changed to weak passwords.


Data backups are in two off site locations – real-time Encrypted off site backup is run nightly and an alternate backup file is locked in a secure bank safe-deposit box monthly. Only a few trusted company representatives have access to the safe-deposit box.


Turn Key Office maintains myriad strategies for operational redundancy including power sources, internet access, physical locations and hard drive redundancy, eliminating as many single points of failure as prudent.

QuickBooks Enterprise Security

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12.0 offers the very latest security protocols that are customized by the user. QuickBooks logins and passwords are separate than network passwords to provide an additional layer of authentication. Beyond that, QuickBooks provides highly customizable security settings allowing each authorized user of QuickBooks to have tailored access to the file appropriate to their role for the organization. For a more detailed description of the 115 QuickBooks Enterprise security settings, click here.

“Always On” Audit Trail

Every transaction posting to your General Ledger (entered, modified or deleted) is recorded with Audit Trail, by user and date, helping to track data entry errors and protecting you against employee fraud.

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