Monday, July 6, 2020

3 Things the Pandemic Taught Me About Planning

Am I writing this piece from my favorite neighborhood lunch spot? No, because it’s closed. Instead I am writing it from my New York City apartment bedroom. Am I writing this article while my kids are at school? No, because school is closed. Am I even a writer anymore? Probably not. I spend most of my time trying to teach writing, to my second- and third-grader, because now I am a homeschool teacher.

You felt it too, I know. March came in like a lion and devoured the lamb. Any plans you thought you had were canceled or postponed indefinitely. I remember stressing out because we had tickets to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on Broadway but had three babysitters in a row cancel because their colleges sent them home early. How would we see the show?! Oh, nevermind, Broadway was canceled too.

And while every day, especially in New York City, is different… here are three things the pandemic taught me about planning.

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